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Meet Our Officers

RTRA Treasurer Michael Sacks
President - Michael Sacks
Michael is a lifelong resident of the Round Top area whose family has served in the RTRA for many years.  He has been a member of the RTRA for many years and previously served as Treasurer.  He was elected RTRA President in July 2012.  

RTRA Vice President Larry Birkelbach
Vice President - Larry Birkelbach
The Birkelbach name is well-known in the Round Top area, including previously owning the Round Top Cafe.  Larry has been an RTRA member for many years and assumed the office of Vice-President in July 2009.

RTRA Secretary Curtis Leitko
Secretary - Curtis Leitko
Curtis has been involved in the RTRA over many years. He previously served as President and Hall Manager. He was elected to the office of Secretary in July 2013.

RTRA President Lundy Wantland
Treasurer - Lundy Wantland
Lundy has been a member of the Rifle Association since 2003.  He served as Vice President and President from 2004 - 2012 and was elected Treasurer in July 2012. 



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